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Bat Removal Vs. Extermination: Pros And Cons

Small brown bat crawling up someone's palm.

The battle between bat colony and homeowner has gone on for centuries. In removing them from homes, two methods are often debated in the pest community. The debate of bat removal versus extermination is one that still goes on. 

Here at CP Bat Mitigation, we have clearly taken the side of bat removal. Research shows that bats in the Midwest are essential to the environment, and in most states, they are protected. 

Since 2016 we have been in the business of bat removal. We pride ourselves on maintaining the ecosystem and helping our clients. Please stop by our site today to learn about bats and get help removing them.

Continue to read for more information on both means of removal and the impact of bats on the ecosystem. 

Bat Removal Vs. Extermination 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the pros and cons of exterminating bats in your house vs removing bats from your house.


Extermination is the act of killing or exterminating the bats that are removed from the home. 


  • The bats that were in your home are gone and those particular bats won’t come back, but others might.


  • Killing bats is not humane.
  • It does not prevent a future infestation. 
  • Exterminators often use poison and pesticides. These can be dangerous for children and pets. 
  • Extermination of bats is illegal due to their endangered and protected status. 
  • You can be negatively impacting your local ecosystem. 

Most bat species are listed as protected or endangered in almost every state. Bats help the ecosystems they occupy by consuming pests. They also contribute to fertilization through their waste or guano. 

As listed in the cons list, exterminating bats does not protect against future infestation. Bats are masters at following their instincts to shelter. Other bats may come in and nest once the extermination has been carried out. 

Of course, that method will mean several follow-up visits from the exterminator with no real end in sight. This is especially true if preventative steps aren’t taken after extermination has been carried out. 

Not blocking bats from coming back in will ensure that the business will keep going back. Of course, future visits would be at a cost to the customer.

Bat Removal 

At CP Bat Mitigation, we use exclusion to remove bats. The technique is to entice the bats into a trap and then release them into a better habitat. After the bats have been removed, we seal the entrance they used to gain access. 


  • It’s humane: Our goal is to rehome the bats and keep them a part of the ecosystem. 
  • It’s more useful in the long run. You can’t exterminate every single bat in the world, and bats will travel hundreds of miles to find the perfect habitat. You have to prevent all future bats from nesting in your space. 
  • Removal is legally and ecologically preferred: Our methods do not kill bats that are endangered or protected. That’s good lawfully and for the environment. 
  • Materials for exclusion are cost-effective and straightforward. This makes it a financially responsible choice. 


  • You have to seal the entrance after the bat is removed. It trains the bats that your place is no longer a habitat. 
  • You may not get to hang out with us as much because your bat problem will be solved.

(That cons list is pretty short! There’s a clear winner here…)

What’s The Big Deal?

There are currently no chemicals or regulated means to legally exterminate bats. Using rat poisons or other chemicals is dangerous to those in your household. Side effects of such toxins can be internal bleeding and even death. 

Having such chemicals around children and pets alike can be fatal. 

Exterminating bats can cause a major problem in the ecosystem they live in. In one night, a bat can eat its weight in insects. Yes, it’s nice to have fewer pesky mosquitoes in the summer; for farmers, it’s a bigger deal.

Farmers like bats because they eat the insects that eat away at their crops. Having bats around means fewer chemicals they need to use around their crops.

Brown bats are an example of a species in our service area that does its part to control pesky insects. To prevent malnourishment, brown bats must consume half their body weight in insects each night.

It is understandable, however, that a homeowner wouldn’t want to have a colony of bats in their home. The colony can cause damage, and their guano can potentially be dangerous.

Bat guano carries diseases that over time can be released into the air and cause respiratory issues. If you see that you do have a bat infestation, be sure to call us at CP Bat Mitigation so that we may help.

CP Bat Mitigation is here to remove bats safely and humanely from your home, church, or business. We can relocate them and then block entrances so that bat colonies don’t return. 

One of our goals as a company is to work to solve your problem right the first time and work with integrity. 

The exclusion method will block bats from seeing your home as a place to nest because they aren’t able to gain access.

For over five years, we have seen our methods carry long-term results. Clients can promote these long-lasting results by doing the following: 

  • Remove outdoor food sources that will entice pests.
  • Seal cracks in walls and brickwork.
  • Keep your property as clutter-free as possible. 
  • Call a professional if you suspect a bat infestation.

Bats On The Brain 

Since 2016 CP Bat Mitigation has proudly served both the bat and human communities in South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Iowa.

When you decide to work with us, you are signing on to not only rid your space of bats but to help a small business as well.

Once you have consulted with one of our representatives, an on-site consultation will take place. This is to finalize a plan for removal and get an estimate. Once this consultation has been carried out, exclusion and removal traps will be installed.

Those will ensure that the bats can leave but will not return. A few weeks later, we will return to you to ensure that our job is complete. 

Whether you are concerned about bats in your home, church, restaurant, or business, CP Bat Mitigation is here for you. We will work with integrity to rid you of the bats you have and keep them from coming back. Visit us today for a free quote.

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