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Sioux Falls offers residents a bustling suburban lifestyle and plenty of access to amenities such as coffee shops, parks, restaurants, and outdoor recreational areas. With highly rated public schools and many safe neighborhoods, residents in the town easily enjoy raising families, living the life of a young professional, or retiring in peace. However, bat infestations may be a problem for homes and businesses in the area, and these critters can ruin the everyday life of residents in Sioux Falls.

Sioux Falls bat control provided by our expert technicians at CP Bat Mitigation is essential if you want to avoid widespread infestations of these pests. We have over 32 years of bat control experience and know what to look for when it comes to tracking down bat infestations and removing them from attics, roofs, or other secluded spaces in homes or businesses.

When you trust us with your bat exclusion and mitigation needs, you can rest assured that you'll benefit from safe, reliable, and effective bat control services. Contact us today to get started.

Residential Bat Control In Sioux Falls

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There's nothing worse for your Sioux Falls residence than hosting an infestation of dangerous bats. While these critters are great for the ecosystem, they pose a risk once they invade your home and leave your attic spaces, walls, and roof filled with dangerous guano, unpleasant odors, and potential destruction.

Instead of undertaking residential bat control alone, contact CP Bat Mitigation for the residential bat control you deserve. Our team will listen to your concerns and thoroughly inspect your property for signs of bats and their entry points. We will then curate a treatment plan for your home's specific needs.

We customize our treatment plans to each case we deal with, and a typical treatment consists of sealing up all bat entry points except for one, where we install an exclusion device. With our help, you can safely defeat a bat infestation and reclaim your property from these pests.

Commercial Bat Control In Sioux Falls

Bats invading your Sioux Falls business is a recipe for disaster. These pests present health and safety risks to your commercial property, not to mention a loss of reputation in the community and stress if customers see bats flying around. The best way to control bats in Sioux Falls and ensure they stay away from your business is by contacting CP Bat Mitigation at the first sign of a bat problem.

Our expert technicians discuss your bat control concerns with you before inspecting your property for signs of an infestation. Then, we create a treatment solution that focuses on sealing up bat entry points and installing an exclusion device to steadily remove bats from your commercial space.

After we complete our control services, we will return to your property within six to eight weeks to ensure that your bat problem is completely taken care of. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial bat control offerings or to get started.

Why Do I Have Bats In My Roof In Sioux Falls?

Bats hiding around your roof and utilizing the roof to invade attic spaces is a common theme for Sioux Falls bat infestations. After all, these pests are simply looking for a dark, comfortable hiding spot to rest during the day and avoid predators. Bats that frequent your roof will often squeeze through damaged shingles, cracks around roof siding, or into gaps that lead to attic spaces.

Signs to look out for that indicate bats are frequenting your Sioux Falls roof include:

  • Finding bat guano (this is the term for bat droppings) around your home that can spread diseases or trigger breathing issues
  • Finding oily streaks around your house
  • Hearing rustling noises or other bat noises coming from your attic
  • Seeing bats inside or outside around your roof
  • Noticing a strong, pungent odor starting to fill your attic

If you notice any of these signs, it's time to contact the bat control specialists at CP Bat Mitigation for effective bat exclusion and the elimination of dangerous bat infestations.

How Do Bats Get In Sioux Falls Homes?

When bats make their way into your Sioux Falls homes, they often enter by accident or because they are looking for dark, secluded spots to rest and avoid predators. They utilize gaps to invade these spaces, easily slipping into vented or open areas around attics, chimneys, and roofs. As they locate safe shelter in your Sioux Falls home, they will return over and over, leading to major infestations unless you put bat control into place.

Bat control products like mesh screens and other exclusion items may help keep bats out of your home, but you should contact CP Bat Mitigation for humane bat control in case of an infestation.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"John was over the morning after I made my initial call regarding bats. He was able to quickly identify the problem areas and built a fair quote to remove the bats. His knowledge is broad on his profession."

Joshua P

"5 Stars!!!!   John and his team made an unfortunate house-selling situation a great experience.  John came and gave us an estimate within a day and was very friendly and knowledgeable.  They fixed the bat issue and even took a look at our new place afterward.  I definitely recommend contacting Central Plains if need help in this area.  They provide a very professional service for a great value!"

Brenda D

"Made a phone call, he showed up the next day with simple, effective advice and didn't try to up-sell any additional services.  I would highly recommend."

Greg W
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