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Quality Bat Mitigation In Mead, NE

The village of Mead is a family-centered community that sits at the intersection of Highway 77 and Route 92. This location makes it very easy for residents to travel to neighboring towns as well as Omaha, which is less than an hour’s distance away. Mead is an escape for people who want a little bit of quiet and a pastoral setting. The village has good public schools, lots of local businesses, and safe streets. Part of living in Mead, however, is encountering the occasional bat infestation. And because bats are a potentially dangerous and protected animal in the state of Nebraska, they require professional services. 

At CP Bat Mitigation, we have more than 30 years of experience providing quality bat mitigation in Mead, NE. We are a family-owned business that always puts safety and our customers’ satisfaction first. When you partner with us, you can expect to work with a team of technicians who have been trained specifically to deal with these types of pest invasions. Our company is also bonded and insured for your continued protection. We also only use methods that are ethical and humane for the bats and we tailor them to your exact needs. To schedule your free inspection, please call us today. 

Residential Bat Mitigation In Mead, NE

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Bats are a very common part of wildlife in Mead and it likely won’t be too long before you end up with at least a few roosting in your attic. Having pests present or cracks around your top-floor windows may invite bats into your home. Once bats take up residence, they can produce waste buildup that can spread histoplasmosis and cause serious property damage. While avoiding these issues is paramount to your well-being, it’s important to know that bats are protected animals in the state, which is why CP Bat Mitigation is here to help. 

We are proud to be a family-owned company that has more than 30 years of experience and that is also bonded and insured. What sets our company apart is that we always tailor the services that we provide, and they are always humane and ethical. Our service begins with a comprehensive home inspection so that we can understand how bats have gotten inside and to what extent. Once we have this information, we’ll provide you with a fair quote. If you wish to move forward, we may recommend sanitation in addition to the exclusion services that we perform. During this process, we never make new openings, we only close pre-existing ones. We also guarantee a bat-free home for up to eight weeks. To learn more about residential bat mitigation, call us today. 

Commercial Bat Mitigation In Mead, NE

Bats can easily find their way into your Mead business, whether you operate a warehouse, office building, or apartment complex. They roost in quiet places that also provide them with access to an ample food supply. Once bats have made themselves at home, they typically produce guano buildup that can cause ceilings to collapse and even spread fungal spores that can be the source of lung diseases and other health issues. At CP Bat Mitigation, we are a family-owned business that is dedicated to helping other businesses navigate these issues with ease and success. Our company has more than three decades of experience and we are also bonded and insured, so you know you’re working with the industry’s best. 

If you suspect that there are bats on your property, give us a call and we’ll be right over to perform one of our free signature inspections. This will allow us to understand the entry points that bats are using as well as the factors that are attracting them. We then use this information to tailor a treatment plan for you that will likely include a full sanitation service as well as exclusion. In order to encourage bats to leave, we seal off all existing openings but one, and then we implement a one-way door to the final opening. We warranty these services for up to two months and are always here for you when you need us. To learn more about how commercial bat mitigation can protect your business, call us today. 

Common Bat Species Found Around Mead Homes And Commercial Properties

While bats are a common occurrence in Mead, all of the species are not the same. Some local species include:

  • Little brown bat: This bat lives up to its name, due to its fuzzy brown coloring and pocket-sized shape. They are also an endangered species in many places. 
  • Hoary bat: The hoary bat stands out because of its larger size, potato-shaped body, and grayish-white coloring. Their ears are exceptionally helpful in aiding them in finding prey. 
  • Long-eared myotis: This species has almost comically large and pointy ears that are often a leathery dark brown. They also have cream-colored furry bodies and prefer to live in trees.

To learn more about the bats in Mead, call CP Bat Mitigation today. 

How Mead Residents Can Prevent Bat Activity Around Their Homes

The bats in Mead are actually some of the ecosystem’s most important pollinators. However, when they move into local homes, they can create serious property damage, spread parasitic pests, and leave behind droppings that can cause histoplasmosis. In order to mitigate exposure to these issues, try the following tips: 

  • Use decorations. Like some other wildlife, bats don’t care much for shiny objects. Homeowners can decorate the outside of their property with mylar balloons and CDs to try to deter them. 
  • Address water and food sources. Bats need food and water to survive, so it’s very important to make sure that all plumbing is in good working order. Rectify any leaks and utilize dehumidifiers in crawl spaces and attics. Keeping insects like moths and beetles away is also key because they serve as food for bats. 
  • Secure the home. These animals will take advantage of very small openings, so make sure that there are no gaps around roofs, eaves, and windows. 
  • Bring in assistance. Bats are a protected species in Nebraska, so they require special attention and handling. Work with a bat professional for ethical mitigation services to create lasting relief. 

For more information on professional bat mitigation, call CP Bat Mitigation today.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"5 Stars!!!!   John and his team made an unfortunate house-selling situation a great experience.  John came and gave us an estimate within a day and was very friendly and knowledgeable.  They fixed the bat issue and even took a look at our new place afterward.  I definitely recommend contacting Central Plains if need help in this area.  They provide a very professional service for a great value!"

Brenda D

"John was over the morning after I made my initial call regarding bats. He was able to quickly identify the problem areas and built a fair quote to remove the bats. His knowledge is broad on his profession."

Joshua P

"Made a phone call, he showed up the next day with simple, effective advice and didn't try to up-sell any additional services.  I would highly recommend."

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