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Are There Bats In Your Brookings SD Attic?

If you can hear weird scratching sounds in your attic, there is a possibility that you have bats under your roof. Bats are not an uncommon occurrence, as many families in Brookings have the same problem. Luckily, we have the residential bat control services you need to get rid of your flying visitors safely and harmlessly.

Bat Signals

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If you’ve seen several bats flying near your house on a regular basis, there’s a chance that they have taken up residence there. If you haven’t seen them enter your home, there are other indications bats are living in your attic:

  • Bat droppings, called guano, outside of your home.
  • Squeaking or clicking sounds.
  • Fluttering and scratching sounds coming from your attic or walls.

The squeaking sounds you hear come from bats using their echolocation to “see.” Bats are not blind, but they do use echolocation at night to get an idea of their surroundings. They can fly through pitch-black skies with no issues.

Why Are Attics So Appealing to Bats?

Attics are quiet and don’t get very many visitors. Bats are shy by nature and don’t like interacting with humans. They choose attics because they are warm, and that is the perfect spot to spend the winter. Bats won’t leave Brooking even when it gets cold. Instead, they find warm, quiet places, like your attic, to hibernate.

When the weather starts getting warmer, bats will start leaving their home in search of food. They leave at dusk to catch insects and to get water. An adult bat can eat up to 2000 insects in one night, helping keep the bug population down. They spend all night eating those insects and head back home to your attic before the sun comes up.

Female bats make up bat colonies that roost in your attic. Each adult female gives birth to one baby per summer. It only takes one month for that baby to become an adult, meaning the family in your attic will steadily grow until you eradicate them.

Bat Issues

Despite being great at keeping bug populations under control, bats are still a possible health threat to humans. If bats contract rabies, they can pass it on to humans through contact. Another risk that bats pose is an infection called histoplasmosis, which occurs through a fungus found in bat guano. If you inhale these fungus spores, you are at risk of catching histoplasmosis.

How Do You Get Rid Of Bats?

As annoying and unpleasant as the thought of bats is, remember that they play a significant part in our ecosystem. They keep the insect population down, and without their insect control, Brookings would be overrun with them. At the same time, we get that you don’t want them in your attic, so it’s best to move them to a roost that is more natural for them.

CP Bat Mitigation Serving Brookings SD

That’s where we come in. Finding the entrance that the bats are using to your home and encouraging them to leave doesn’t usually solve the problem, as bats don’t really care about your feelings on the matter. They are content with what they consider to be their attic. Fortunately, the wildlife experts at CP Bat Mitigation have over ten years of experience in removing bats from homes and other buildings.

Once you call us for help, we will assess your situation and work out a plan for safely removing the bats. Our Brookings SD bat control process occurs at night when bats are active and typically involves the following steps:

  • Confirm that bats are roosting within your house.
  • Locate where the bats are entering your home.
  • Identify which type of bat is in your house. (There are thirteen species of bats in South Dakota.)
  • We will erect an exclusion system that will keep the bats from re-entering your home.
  • When all of the bats are out of the house, we will seal all of the access points to keep them from returning.
  • Bat guano removal.

Remember that bats have an essential role in our ecosystem in that they eat the mosquitos that make our lives miserable and the insects that infect our gardens and greenery. We have a lot to thank the bats for, so making sure we eradicate them from your home in a safe manner is critical.

If you want to help bats stay away from human dwellings, you can encourage them to create a roost in their natural environment by placing bat boxes in their backyard to give the bats safer options than attics. They prefer roosting in heavily treed areas close to rivers and creeks.

If you suspect that bats are dwelling in your home, contact CP Bat Mitigation today for a free assessment and quote to help you get closer to a bat-free home.

The Difference Between Bat Species In Brookings Areas

One of the reasons bat control is such a specialty service in the pest control world is that bats are pretty reclusive creatures that are only really active at night. As such, most people don’t know how to differentiate one bat species from another. Rather than focusing on a highly technical and not-very-helpful list of all the bat species that are common to South Dakota, it’s better to focus on some of the defining characteristics of various bat populations.

Knowing these facts about bats can help you avoid them on your property and understand why you should turn to the experts to get to the bottom of your bat problem:

  • Diet: Bats out in the wild can be helpful to humans since most species feast on insects that can be a nightmare for farmers. It’s usually only once they invade our properties that they are considered a dangerous nuisance.
  • Migration: Like all flying creatures, bats travel miles and miles for dietary and reproductive purposes. This is why certain species can become problematic during certain times of the year, and why certain types of bats are considered nuisances in specific geographical regions. Since South Dakota is in the middle of the United States and lies between Canada and Mexico, it’s often a crossroads for many migrating species.
  • Diseases: Some species of bats are known to spread harmful diseases like rabies and histoplasmosis. While it’s rare to actually come in contact with bats, these diseases can be spread through physical contact or even through contaminants like their droppings.

No matter what kind of bat you’re dealing with around your property, you shouldn’t try to deal with them on your own—especially since they can expose you to larger dangers and health impacts. Instead, let the wildlife experts at CP Bat Mitigation deal with the bats on or around your Brookings property.

How To Get Rid Of Bats In Brookings

Getting a bat that’s flying around your living room trapped and taken outside can seem like a big enough accomplishment where a bat infestation is concerned. However, you really have to address the source of the problem—the place where the bats are coming from—to be certain they won’t invade again.

That’s why wildlife control from CP Bat Mitigation is such a crucial resource for Brookings property owners. We’ll deal with the areas where the bats are nesting and find out where they are coming from, which is something that residents and commercial property owners simply aren’t capable of doing on their own. It takes extensive knowledge of bats and their behaviors to effectively counteract a population. Plus, no one wants to go tromping around in the woods or crawling on their hands and knees to search the nooks and crannies that bats might be hiding in.

Instead of trying to get rid of bats on your own, turn to CP Bat Mitigation at the first sign of bat activity. Better yet, let us inspect your property before bats can become a problem so we can ensure you’re not at risk. Contact us today to get started.

Five Effective Tips For Bat Prevention In Brookings

If you're only worrying about pests once they are already on your property, you aren't really addressing the factors that drew them to your yard or home in the first place. That also means you aren't preventing future issues with those pests. Here are some of the most effective steps you can take to help reduce your risk of a bat infestation:

  1. Chimney Vents: Open chimneys are one of the most common access points bats use to enter our homes. You can bat-proof your chimney by installing grates or vents.
  2. Window Screens: Open windows can also let bats in, especially if the outer screens are torn or haven't been installed. Keep your windows closed when possible and routinely check your screens to make sure they aren't damaged.
  3. Cracks & Crevices: Bats often get inside through holes that form in exterior walls, particularly on the spots where the roof overhangs. Check these areas and repair them, if necessary.
  4. General Pest Control: Bats can be drawn to your home by the presence of other pests around your yard or in your house. Since bats eat insects for food, general pest prevention is a smart investment for anyone looking to avoid bat problems.
  5. Professional Assistance: All of these factors can be made more manageable by hiring a pest professional to help you. Contact CP Bat Mitigation for help getting rid of bats.

With help from the experts at CP Bat Mitigation, bats will never become a scary or unmanageable problem for your Brookings home again. Get started with professional bat pest control today.

Are You Struggling With Brown Bats In Brookings?

Brown bats are some of the most common bats that invade South Dakota properties. They tend to be most problematic during the fall as their nesting season picks up and they look for areas to hide in. As nocturnal animals, brown bats are also most active during the hours when we aren't awake or around to spot them. That's why you need to be proactive when it comes to bat control in Brookings by contacting bat control specialists near you.

At CP Bat Mitigation, we specialize in dealing with the bat species that most commonly impact South Dakota homes. From brown bats to other types of bats that can cause problems around your yard or house, CP Bat Mitigation can deal with them all. We don't just address bats once they're already there, either. We can assist you with preventing bats before they become a problem and addressing the factors that might place your property at a higher risk.

Don't try to deal with bats all by yourself. Instead, contact us today to get started on total bat control in Brookings.

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