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Bat Mitigation In Aberdeen, SD

Whether you love an arboretum, a park, or an amusement park, Aberdeen's got them all. This amazing city is full of wonderful and exciting things to do. That's why so many people love living here! 

It's not only people who love it here - bats seem to love living here too. Here at CP Bat Mitigation, we know that every bat needs and deserves a home - but that doesn't mean your home is a suitable option. We're here to provide Aberdeen bat mitigation services to keep your home comfortably bat-free. We help bats find a different habitat so that you and your loved ones can live in a more peaceful setting. 

Our company's founder started off noticing how prevalent bats are in our area when working in the construction and roofing industries for about 20 years. Now, CP Bat Mitigation is fully bat focused. We're a team of bat-only experts leading the industry in effective bat mitigation methods and customer service.

Contact us today to start the process so we can restore the property you love to being bat-free again without harming anyone along the way!

Residential Bat Mitigation In Aberdeen

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We proudly offer the most reliable and trusted residential bat mitigation services in the area. We start by taking our customer's calls, collecting their information, and scheduling their inspections.

During the inspection, we look at your home's attic space, exterior, and roof. We'll specifically look for entry points and signs of bat activity. Once our inspection is complete, we'll provide you with a comprehensive quote and treatment plan that includes all aspects of our service; cost, warranty, and clean-up. 

Then we'll schedule and carry out our game plan. This plan usually includes sealing up every entry point except one and installing a one-way exclusion device on that access point. That way, the bat will be able to leave but won't be able to come back inside. They'll naturally be encouraged to take up residence elsewhere. 

Our services are guaranteed! After six to eight weeks, we'll return to your house to ensure we've completely resolved the issue. In rare cases, bats can be so cozy in your wonderful home that they may have decided to stay. In those cases, we'll get back to work at no additional cost to you until they've moved on to find another comfortable habitat. 

We never create entry points or cause damage to the home you love. Our bat control specialists use existing access points to complete the job. You can rely on us whenever you've got a bat subletter that needs to move along!

Commercial Bat Mitigation In Aberdeen

Our experts here at CP Bat Mitigation tailor our services to meet the needs of your unique commercial property. We carry out a thorough inspection and then identify a game plan that will get your business bat-free again without causing any harm in the process. 

Once you're quoted and scheduled, we'll come back to carry out the plan, sealing up every entry point on your property except for one. We'll put a one-way exclusion device on that access point so bats can leave your property but won't be allowed back inside. 

Everything we do is dependent on the needs and problems of our valued commercial clients. We frequently offer commercial bat pest control services for the following types of establishments:

  • Schools
  • Warehouses
  • Offices
  • Churches
  • Restaurants
  • Retail

If you have a visiting bat in any of these types of properties in Aberdeen, CP Bat Mitigation is the company to call! Rely on us for the effective and respectful bat mitigation services you seek.

The Key To Effectively Preventing Bats On Your Aberdeen Property

When you've got a bat visiting the property you love, your best move is to call on our experts at CP Bat Mitigation for professional help. Before bats become visitors in the first place, there are actions that you can take to effectively prevent bats from taking up residence. 

Bat-proofing your home or business property in Aberdeen is the key to stopping them from becoming comfortable shacking up with you. This task typically involves screening attic vents and chimney openings. You'll also want to seal up any holes or crevices that could become access points and install door sweeps. 

If they do happen to access your incredibly comfortable property despite those efforts, CP Bat Mitigation is always here to help! We have the effective and respectfully conducted bat control services you're looking for. When you see a bat flying around, contact our local experts for help!

Seven Lesser Known Facts About The Bats In Aberdeen

There are plenty of facts that people already know about bats since there are so many in Aberdeen. Most people know bats leave their roosts at dusk and return around dawn. Most people know about their use of echolocation. Still, there are plenty of lesser-known facts that might surprise you! Check out seven of them right here:

  1. When they travel, bats stop at a stream or pond to drink water before they feed.
  2. Female bats usually only produce one pup, which can weigh up to 25% of its mother's weight at birth. 
  3. Bats are essential to the pollination process. They feed on insects that visit flowers and certain fruits, helping to disperse seeds. They keep insect populations down by feeding and can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes in an hour.
  4. Some species of bats live up to 40 years.
  5. Bats are unique mammals because they're the only ones naturally capable of true and sustained flight. 
  6. There are over 1,200 known species of bats, 48 of which are in the U.S. 
  7. Almost 40% of American bat species are in severe decline and listed as endangered or threatened. 

The fact that many bat species are endangered species is the one that's the most urgently concerning! That's why relying on safe, legal, and effective services for bat control in Aberdeen is so important. CP Bat Mitigation is here to help whenever you have one of these unwanted winged guests invading your property!

What Our Customers Are Saying

"5 Stars!!!!   John and his team made an unfortunate house-selling situation a great experience.  John came and gave us an estimate within a day and was very friendly and knowledgeable.  They fixed the bat issue and even took a look at our new place afterward.  I definitely recommend contacting Central Plains if need help in this area.  They provide a very professional service for a great value!"

Brenda D

"John was over the morning after I made my initial call regarding bats. He was able to quickly identify the problem areas and built a fair quote to remove the bats. His knowledge is broad on his profession."

Joshua P

"Made a phone call, he showed up the next day with simple, effective advice and didn't try to up-sell any additional services.  I would highly recommend."

Greg W
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