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How do bats make you feel? When you see them fluttering in the sky at dusk, does it cause you to end a walk early and jog home, or are you comfortable with bats? Feelings and opinions vary. If you're fearful of bats, we hope this article helps you find a reason not to fear them so much. If you don't fear them and consider them harmless, we hope to show you how you should respect bats and take care when dealing with them. We'll look at little-known facts and myths about bats, how bats provide many benefits, and how to control bats in your attic. If you want to speak with a pest professional regarding bats on your property, remember that your CP Bat Mitigation team is here to help. We specialize in bat pest control in Omaha. We'll help you find the answers to your questions.

Little-Known Facts And Myths About Bats

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There are many curious misconceptions about bats, misconceptions that can give you the wrong impression about these night dwellers and make you feel more than a bit nervous about having them flying around above your property. As you consider bat mitigation in Omaha, it is helpful to get to know the animals you're attempting to control.

Are bats going to suck your blood?

There is a strong link between bats and the idea of vampires. There are also certain bats that are actually called vampire bats. If you see bats as scary creatures that swoop down from the sky to suck your blood, they're likely to create more than a small amount of fear. While we're happy to say that bats don't suck blood, you may not find it comforting to know what they actually do. Bites use their fangs to pierce the skin and lap the blood up with their tongues. However, vampire bats do not live in North America, so this isn't a concern in Omaha. 

Are bats going to bite you?

It is rare for a bat to bite a human. They're just not interested in biting people. They mostly eat insects. But it is possible to have a bat bite you. Bat bites typically occur when people attempt to capture a bat. If you let a licensed professional deal with bats in your home, you have nothing to fear. It is highly unlikely that you'll get bitten.

Are bats going to give you rabies?

While you might find it comforting to know that it is unlikely for a bat to bite you, you may still fear them because of the notion that bats carry rabies, and rabies is a potentially deadly disease. While it is true that bats can carry the rabies virus, only a small percentage of bats are infected. In the population of the United States, which is just over 330 million at the time of this writing, the number of deaths due to rabies-infected bats is lower than three annually.

Are bats blind?

It is a common idea that bats are blind and use echolocation to navigate. If you believe this, you may think that bats won't get into your home because they can't see the entry points. But bats aren't blind. In fact, bats have better vision than most humans. When they fly around your home, they can see, and take advantage of, openings in your roofline or exterior.

The bats that flutter around your home aren't likely to harm you. They're not hunting for blood, and they rarely bite people. Those bats are actually providing a service for you and your family. Let's take a look at how bats are beneficial creatures.

Why Bats Are So Important To The Environment

We hope at this point that you feel a bit more comfortable about having bats on your property. They're actually good to have around your home. Bats help you, your family, and the environment, which is why professionals use specialized bat control products that don't harm these animals. We want them to keep doing what they do. So what exactly do they do?

  • Bats eat flying insects: There are many insects that are harmful. Some of them bite or sting. Some carry harmful viruses. The worst of all flying pests are mosquitoes. Bats eat mosquitoes by the truckloads. So, not only will bats present little harm to you, your kids, or your pets, they'll help protect you all by reducing mosquito populations. It is definitely good to have bats on your property.
  • Bats create fertilizer: The waste material of bats is called guano. While it is not something you want to expose yourself to indoors, guano is a great fertilizer. It is high in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, all of which are found in fertilizers.
  • Bats help with pollination: We're sure you know that bees are important pollinators, but bats are also great at pollinating plants. As they eat nectar from certain flowers, they spread pollen and seeds from plant to plant. They are good at pollination for the same reason bees are – they pick up pollen with their fur and spread it from plant to plant.
  • Bats and animal control: The last misconception we want to look at has to do with bat mitigation. When you need to get rid of bats inside your Omaha home, who do you call? Does animal control take care of bats? It would be nice, but that is outside their mandate. Animal control deals mostly with domesticated pets and wild animals that present a clear and present danger. Bats don't fall into either of these categories. When you have a bat problem, it is time to call a pest management professional, like CP Bat Mitigation. 

It is good to have bats. They are great for the environment. When they start to become not-so-great is when they accidentally get into man-made structures. Let's take a look at how this works and what you can do about it.

Bats: Great For The Environment, Terrible For Your Omaha Home

If you know that bats aren't out to get you, and you understand that they serve an important role in the ecosystem around your home, you can feel free to let those bats do what they do. But don't get too comfortable. If given the opportunity, bats can move in with you, and you'll find yourself on the phone with a professional to talk about bat control near you fast.

Long before you have to contact a bat control specialist about bat mitigation for your attic, there are ways you can prevent a bat problem. The secret is exclusion work. The tools for the job are expanding foam, caulking, and metal flashing. You can do this work yourself or hire a contractor to do it. Examine your exterior, roofline, and roof for any potential entry points. If you find a gap or hole, patch it up or fill it in. Get all the openings, no matter how small. While bats aren't rodents and aren't going to chew a hole to get into your home, they can use holes created by rats, mice, and squirrels. A small hole can invite a rodent to make a larger hole, and a bat will use the larger hole as an entry point.

How To Mitigate Bats From Your Property Safely And Effectively

The goal of bat control is mitigation. You don't want to get rid of bats. They provide far too many benefits to you, your family, and the environment. You just want to reduce the chance that bats will cause problems for you inside your home. Or stop them from causing trouble if they've already gotten into your home.

The best way to control bats in Omaha is to contact CP Bat Mitigation. We offer industry-leading bat control near you. It pays to go with a pest management professional with experience and specialization in controlling bats. When you contact CP Bat Mitigation, we help in a few different ways.  

  • We address bats inside your home. Your technician will apply exclusion techniques to seal your home and prevent continued entry and strategically apply exclusion devices that allow bats to exit and prevent them from returning.
  • The exclusion methods we apply work to make your home resistant to bat infestations. If you don't have a bat infestation yet, we can help you keep them out.
  • We perform clean-up to prevent guano from creating a health concern. 
  • We provide a warranty for the service we provide. After service, we guarantee the service for six to eight weeks. In the unlikely event that bats are still creating a problem, we'll continue to address them at no additional cost.

When bats make themselves into pests, there is no need to destroy them. Contact CP Bat Mitigation for conscientious and appropriate bat management. We provide the level of control needed to stop bat problems and allow bats to continue to provide all of the benefits you need them to provide. If you're in Omaha, connect with us today for advice or to learn more about our residential and commercial bat control services in Omaha. We're here to help.

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