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There are lots of things that can go wrong inside your home. As a general rule, most people try not to think of all the negative things that might happen to their property. It is our recommendation to understand potential threats so that you can potentially avoid them before they become a problem. This is especially true for pest problems like bats. Bats are a local invasive creature that regularly causes big trouble for homeowners. These pests love to break into attic spaces and have the potential to get locals sick with the many diseases they carry and spread. Whether you are here today seeking an answer to remove these flying home invaders from your attic or you are simply looking for some methods to prevent these terrible pests, we have some things for you to consider. Here is everything you need to know about proactive bat control and what methods work best to address an active infestation indoors. Reach out to our qualified team at CP Bat Mitigation to discover more about our advanced service offerings. We will talk you through our detailed plans and find one that best meets your needs. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about these pests and what bat control in Sioux Falls works best to handle these nasty invaders.

Protecting And Respecting Sioux Falls' Bat Population

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There are a lot of companies that will just kill any invasive creatures without considering their potential benefits to our local ecosystem. At CP Bat Mitigation we believe in the value of researching and understanding creatures like bats. As it turns out, these local flyers are incredibly helpful. How are they helpful? Well, bats eat bugs. Bugs invade homes. The more bats there are the fewer bugs you have to deal with inside your home. It is that simple. The only problem is that bats are often as bad as bugs when they invade. We will talk more about this in a bit. For now, we want you to know one thing. You do not have to eliminate bats to find freedom from these pests. We personally believe in mitigation over straight-up control. By relocating these potentially harmful creatures away from your attic, home, and property, we can still receive the benefits they provide without suffering from the problems they cause. Let’s take some time now to talk more about the issues that bats can bring to local homes before breaking down some methods you can use to deter these bats from your property.

The Risks A Bat Infestation Can Bring To Your Home

You may have heard a thing or two about bats and the diseases they are capable of spreading. There are even some speculations on whether these pests had a hand in the start of Covid. We personally are not going to weigh in on this matter. Instead, we are going to talk about what we know for certain to be true about these local pests. First, bats are one of the main spreaders of rabies locally. This is because they are less susceptible to its effects. While other creatures that contract this virus suffer fatality after a certain amount of time, bats do not. They just get moody and bite/infect other bats. This is the biggest reason why they are able to spread rabies so effectively. Keeping this in mind, if you suspect these pests are taking shelter inside your attic, keep your distance. It is easy for them to become disturbed and lash out in enclosed spaces. The last thing we want is for you to catch a claw or get bitten.

Bats are not only known for spreading rabies. These pests can also get people sick through diseases they spread through their droppings. One of the most common diseases people contract from bats is histoplasmosis. This terrible sickness involves symptoms including fever, chills, headache, chest pain, body aches, fatigue, and coughing. After you invest in bat removal, make sure you have your attic cleaned to avoid this and other harmful sicknesses.

The final problem associated with bats involves their ability to transport other pests like fleas and ticks. These parasitic bugs like to bite bats and are happy to feed on the blood of humans and pets after they get indoors. Fleas and ticks are also dangerous as they are able to spread many different forms of disease including Lyme disease, murine typhus, and tularemia. As a general rule, it is good to avoid bats and other common wildlife pests as they might come inside with friends. 

The good news is that bats are not noisy like other wildlife invaders. Most people go without noticing an infestation for months because of how quiet these pests are. This is both good and bad. It is good because what you don’t know about doesn’t stress you out. It is bad because the longer these pests are able to live indoors, the more likely they will be to get you or one of your family members sick. This is simply not acceptable.

Eco-Friendly And Proactive Bat Prevention Tips For Your Home

We are not going to pretend that professional bat pest control is the only way to prevent these invasive creatures from getting into your home. We will inform you, however, that it is by far the easiest method. That said, if you have some time on your hands and are looking for some ways to stop these pests on your own, here a few proactive tips and tricks to use today.

  • Bats often enter homes by flying in through unprotected chimneys. Make sure that your home’s chimney is equipped with a rodent/bat-proof cap. We also recommend checking its structural integrity and making sure there are no gaps and cracks in it that bats or other creatures might use to get indoors.
  • Bats can squeeze through small holes along rooflines. Check your home’s roofline for damage and address any issues that you find. 
  • Bats can easily enter your home through open or damaged windows. There are a few things you can do here. First, make sure all of your windows are properly sealed and in good working condition. Second, install screens on windows you would like to keep open on nice days. Finally, keep unscreened windows shut as much as possible.
  • Bats prefer dark and secluded areas. Install some light fixtures in your attic and clear out clutter to make the space feel less inviting to these terrible little pests.
  • Bats only want a place to live. If you do not mind having these creatures on your property, install bat boxes around your yard. These enclosed structures are great for these night flyers, plus having bats around is a decent form of pest control. 
  • Bats can sneak into your home at any time. Although we do not recommend going up into your attic if there is a full-blown infestation of these pests, it is wise to check spaces bats might be hiding regularly. We recommend looking up into your attic once a week for droppings and bats. Just do so with caution.

If you currently have bats in your house, do not try to handle them on your own. The last thing we want is for you to aggravate these creatures into attacking. Instead, talk with our team at CP Bat Mitigation. We have amazing options to help you address problems with these pests. Whether you are looking to bat-proof your home or want to remove and active infestation, we have everything you need here.

Contact The Experts About Bat-Proofing Your Home

Noticing signs of bats in your house is never fun. As long as these local pests have a reliable way to enter and exit your home, they will keep coming back. This is where we come in. At CP Bat Mitigation we use advanced methods to remove bats from attics and other places they are hiding. Specifically, we use general exclusion methods and a one-way gate. This one-way gate works just as its name suggests. Bats that are currently indoors can fly out through it. When they come back, however, they will find that there is no way to get back inside. Although slightly frustrating for these small creatures, they are quick to adapt and will find somewhere else to live. If you are not currently dealing with bats, then you might just need some exclusion work. Many homes are susceptible to invasion. We highly recommend letting our team pay your property a visit. We will inspect your home’s exterior for any potential entry points that bats might use to get indoors. We will then recommend exclusion work that will quickly address these entry points and make sure that bats stay outdoors where they belong.

Reach out to our dedicated team at CP Bat Mitigation today to learn more about our advanced bat removal options. We will answer questions you might have about our services and find a treatment time that works best for your Sioux Falls home and property.

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