How To Identify And Get Rid Of A Bat Infestation On Your Omaha Property

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We live in a world with sounds our grandparents did not hear. Throughout the day, we hear one beep alerting us to incoming text messages, another signal for incoming emails, a sound for neighborhood alerts, and the list continues. Our computers and cell phones emit sounds that were not part of the fabric of life until just the last decade. Sounds are necessary because they alert us that something needs attention. 

Some sounds indicate there is a problem. For example, bats might be in your attic if you hear noises at dusk or as the sun rises. In this article, we will reveal other indications that bats are in your home, and when you hear, smell, and see these signs, you need pest control in Omaha from CP Bat Mitigation. 

The driving force for our family-owned and operated business began when our founder worked in the roofing industry. As a young man, he noticed homeowners and businesses were experiencing problems with bat infestations. He recognized that bats living in the same structures as people can be dangerous, but he also saw the need to treat bats humanely and carefully. CP Bat Mitigation is the result of over three decades of bat control in the central Midwest by our founder. Today, a highly trained team of technicians continues the legacy of humane and safe bat mitigation with our founder.

How To Tell If Bats Have Taken Up Residence On Your Property

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Bats have been around for millions of years. Of the over 900 bat species worldwide, about 40 live in the United States. Some species, like the big brown bat, little brown bat, hoary bat, and silver-haired bat, are in Nebraska. 

Generally, bats stay away from humans by living in wooded areas and caves, but as human communities expand, bats are now starting to roost in homes and other structures. If you are wondering why bats are in your attic, the answer is simple; your attic provides a warm, cozy, and dark place for bats to shelter. 

How do you know if sounds in your attic are from a bat infestation? Your problem may not be bats, but roof rats, raccoons, pigeons, or squirrels could be the cause of the noise. Each rodent and wildlife creature leaves distinct indicators of its presence, and bats are no exception. If you suspect bats live in your attic, carefully investigate the area for the following: 

  • Guano: This is the name for the waste bats produce. Mice droppings are black or brown, rod-shaped, and pointed at the ends; bat guano is similar but larger than mice feces. It does not have white residue like bird droppings but has a shiny residue. Bat guano crumbles easily and is often in piles below where the bats roost. 

  • Odor: In addition to producing guano, bats urinate. Bat urine has an ammonia-like aroma, similar to cat urine. You won't notice the smell from a single bat, but with more bats, the odor intensifies. So, if you detect an ammonia smell wafting through the house, you probably have a sizable bat infestation. 

  • Stains: Bat guano and urine contain uric acid. If bats roost near walls, the uric acid stains walls as it descends to the attic floor.

  • Scratches: Bats rest hanging upside down using the claw-like parts on their thumbs and toes. They also use these keratin-like formations to climb trees, remain stable on the ground, or land on a vertical surface. Scratches on the walls, rafters, and ceiling indicate that you need pest control for bats in your attic.

  • Noises: Individually, bats produce little sound, but when there is a large infestation, the noise can become noticeable. You are likely to notice bat sounds when they are surprised by a slamming door or when they return to the house to roost for the night.

  • Marks: Bats are mammals; like most mammals, they have fur on their bodies. Bat fur attracts dirt and grim, which rubs off onto areas around entry points into the house. 

  • Bats: Bats flying around your home at dusk or shortly before sunrise indicates your home is serving as a shelter. Occasionally, you may see what appears to be dead bats in your yard; however, they are probably not deceased but are in a dormant state. 

 If you see these signs, you need to call your local company that has the best way to control bats in Omaha. Here at CP Bat Mitigation, our process is humane and safe. 

Bats Are Great For Pest Control But Not For Human Health

Why do bats exist? Are bats in the world for the sole purpose of scaring people, or do they play a part in the ecosystem? While you may not realize it, bats around your home serve a purpose and provide a needed service.

Most bats in the United States are insectivores (i.e., they eat insects). As they fly through the night, bats scoop moths, beetles, mosquitoes, gnats, crickets, and other insects into their wings and later eat them. In some cases, insects are caught directly in their mouths. Some bats hunt cockroaches and grasshoppers on the land. The Mexican free-tailed bat, a bat in the area, eats up to one-third of its body weight a night in insects. 

Because bats eat flying and crawling insects, they help control pest populations and protect people and animals from mosquitoes and other disease-carrying insects. For that reason and others, killing bats upsets the ecosystem balance allowing the insect population to increase, which creates a nuisance for people. However, the fact that bats help control the insect population does not mean you should cozy up with them and allow them to shelter in your Omaha house.

Although the connection between bats and rabies is somewhat overblown, bats can carry the deadly disease. Because of their naturally erratic flying behavior, many assume bats have rabies; however, less than 10% of the bat population carries rabies. If a bat does have rabies, it will not live for a long time before the disease kills its host. The chance that bats in your attic have rabies is minuscule; nonetheless, you should avoid physical contact by using a bat control specialist from CP Bat Mitigation. 

Guano produced by bats is another concern. When bat waste dries, it flakes and crumbles and creates airborne particles. As the air circulates from your attic into the living areas below, these particles may be inhaled and can cause histoplasmosis. Occupants may not immediately experience symptoms, but the fungal infection often produces fever, chest pain, muscle and joint pain, and a dry cough. If untreated, histoplasmosis can worsen and create serious problems. Wear a respirator for protection if you investigate your attic to determine the cause of the noises.

CP Bat Mitigation provides bat control in Omaha, so you can avoid exposing yourself to direct contact with bats or their guano. Our trained technicians have the tools and equipment to safely inspect your home without putting your family at risk. 

Four Ways To Prevent Bats Around Your Property

Warm air flowing from holes in your home attracts bats as outside temperatures drop. Bat can enter through openings as small as 5/8 of an inch. If you investigate the exterior, look for gaps and holes near the chimney flashing, under eaves, ridge vents, gable vents, soffits, fascia boards, and siding. Unlike other wildlife, bats will not create entry points but use only existing ones. 

Although bats benefit the environment, they should not be in your home. At CP Bat Mitigation, our motto is: Every Bat Needs A Home, But Not Yours!

If you want to know how to control bats around your house, here are four ways:

  1. Remove dead trees

  2. Eliminate standing water on the property

  3. Clear the yard of junk and trash

  4. Close gaps and holes in the house

By limiting outdoor roosting areas and water sources, the bats will begin to invest in other locations. In addition, eliminating trash, open garbage containers, yard debris, and water sources will decrease the attraction for insects making the area less appealing to bats. Closing off entry points will quickly frustrate the bats. Unlike some rodents and wildlife, bats will not attempt to create entry points; they will give up and move to another location. 

After our technician has ended the bat infestation at your Omaha home, we will seal any remaining entry points. Bat control specialists for your Omaha home from CP Bat Mitigation will also answer questions regarding other ways to discourage bats from focusing on your property. 

Call The Experts To Get Rid Of The Bats For Good

Attempting to eradicate bats from your Omaha home can be dangerous. Protect yourself and household members and use bat control near you from CP Bat Mitigation. We will thoroughly inspect your Omaha house for signs of a bat infestation and entry points. Because each situation is unique, we provide a custom quote and warranties at your inspection. Contact us today to learn more.

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"5 Stars!!!!   John and his team made an unfortunate house-selling situation a great experience.  John came and gave us an estimate within a day and was very friendly and knowledgeable.  They fixed the bat issue and even took a look at our new place afterward.  I definitely recommend contacting Central Plains if need help in this area.  They provide a very professional service for a great value!"

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